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We are Team Advisa

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The team is our most important asset and our main success factor. The fact that we are aligned with company goals and share the same values makes us invincible.

If you are passionate, strive for new challenges and believe in cross-functional team collaboration, you’ll love working here!

“What motivates me the most is when I see the positive impact our product has on our customers’ financial situation.”

“Advisa has given me new opportunities in my career.”

“We have great teamspirit and I enjoy working with smart and talented colleagues.”

“At Advisa we are not constrained by our roles. Instead our contributions are appreciated in all processes.”

We help people improve their private finances


Advisa was founded in 2011 with the ambition to build the best service on the market for refinancing debt and lower interest rates on personal loans. Our vision is to help as many people as possible improve their private finances and save money on their loans. By providing the most simple and efficient customer experience and working with cutting edge technology we aim to make it as easy and natural for people to compare and refinance their debt as it is buying an airline ticket online.

Open Positions

Growth Marketing Manager

As the Growth Marketing Manager at Advisa, you will be responsible to drive new revenue to the firm. If you do a great job and succeed with a new activity it will be handed over to a colleague. This practice fits you well as you are more hungry to develop business than to maintain it.

Great Company Benefits

Wellness Grant 5k/year

Private health insurance

Naprapath treatments in the office

6 weeks of vacation

Social events and weekly after works

Advisa's Custom made "Pick Your Perks"

Office Scooters

Occupational pension

Annual company conference trip